OFF SEASON Brooklyn Research is pleased to announce its inaugural publication, Off Season by David Kennedy Cutler. This book compiles text and images generated during the ten weeks (January – March 2018) Cutler “survived” the winter at Halsey McKay Gallery […]

Summer Opportunities 2019 – FRWD and more!

Brooklyn Research has a  fellowship and several internships for Summer 2019! FRWD is a paid fellowship program Brooklyn Research is running in conjunction with Tomorrow Lab, SecondMuse, and New York City Economic Development Corporation as part of the Futureworks program. The FWRD Fellowship Program will […]

INTERchange – Reed + Rader

Join us for the season finale of the INTERchange talks at Brooklyn Research with Reed + Rader on December 13th. Reed + Rader is creative team Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader. From Ohio and Pennsylvania, their powers combined in the early […]

Meet NFOI Research Group!

Are you famous or are you focused? Let’s start with “famous”. When people look at you, what do they say that you are famous for? Are you famous for procrastination…negative words…poor time management…What are you famous for? Let me share with you what I am famous for.

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