Upcoming Classes and Events 2018

Classes at Brooklyn Research focus on the creative and playful use of technology, and offer access to knowledge that might be characterized as uncommon, esoteric, or specialized. Whether you are a creative technologist, artist, designer, or engineer, these classes will extend your current workflow with powerful new tools and techniques.

Office Hours - Unreal Engine 4

January 25st, 6:30 PM donation

Brooklyn Research with Unreal NYC Meetup Group will be holding office hours for presenting and discussing work done with Unreal Engine. Unreal NYC provides a venue for users of the Unreal Engine to meet, share knowledge, collaborate, and demo projects. We will begin with a short presentation followed by an open time to socialize with fellow users. We welcome both experienced, professional users and new converts looking to get started with the Unreal Engine. Hosting this event will be Brooklyn Research and will be lead by Matthew Rader of Reed+Rader. Artist talk by Nitzan Bartov, talking about narrative driven VR experiences in UE4. Matthew Rader: Demonstration of the Composure compositing tool in Unreal.

Matthew Rader (Reed + Rader): Director and Cat Enthusiast

Nitzan Bartov (NITZU.ME), Game Designer and UE4 Developer.

Johnny Lu, co-founder of the Brooklyn Research

The Monthly Weekly: Month 1

January 31st, 7 - 10 PM free

A monthly meetup to bring members of The Weekly Weekly community leaded by Adam Quinn.

The Weekly Weekly is a publication dedicated to practice of weekly iteration of art, design, and technology. The Weekly Weekly's contributors are members of the mailing list, special guests, and featured artists. This collaborative effort produces weekly mailers, podcasts, and a yearly publication featuring the contributors. They are of, by, and for the creative community.

Adam Quinn is a creative technologist who enjoys telling the story of other creative technologists. He graduated from ITP in 2014 and is a freelance producer and designer. He has a mix of an architectural and product design background, with technology and storytelling folded in the mix.

Office Hours - Embedded Code and Electronics

February 7th, 6:30 PM donation

Brooklyn Research is hosting office hours focusing on microcontrollers and electronics. People are invited to come by and share what they have been working on, engage with fellow attendees, and sit down with our instructors to help work on their projects. Each attendee will have a one on one with our instructors to help them through any questions they might have in their projects, or guide them on how best to build out their ideas. Our instructors enjoy a diverse background in the electrical engineering, embedded programming, audio synthesis, and artistic development.

Maybe your LED sculpture isn’t lighting up correctly? Or maybe you need some help selecting motors for your talking robot? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to dive into working with programming and electronics, but daunted by where to begin? Then this independent study is for you. All skill levels welcome, but space is limited.

Ezer Longinus has a background in music and audio production. He holds degrees in technology and music from Bard College and New York University. Post college he was primarily working at recording studios and helping to produce various musicians and soundtracks. During that period he also helped form the bands Apse and Datus, releasing a number of albums and eps through those two outfits, and extensively toured the US and Europe. Postgrad school he has been primarily developing his electronic and engineering skills to assist with artists and entrepreneurs in developing new methods of interactivity. During this period he helped form Brooklyn Research and assisted in building a number of technological projects for a variety of clients. You can see some of his more recent work at www.brooklynresearch.com. He also likes writing in the third person.

Office Hours - Fabrication

February 21st, 6:30 PM donation

Brooklyn Research is hosting Office Hours focusing on Physical Systems, including: fabrication, materials, imaging, printing, design, physical and mechanical systems, workflow, and integration. People are invited to come by and share what they have been working on, engage with fellow attendees, and sit down with our instructors to help work on their projects. Each attendee will have a one on one with our instructors to help them through any questions they might have in their projects, or guide them on how best to build out their ideas.

Maybe you are working on a sculpture or installation and can’t seem to find the right material or construction method. Maybe you have an idea that needs moving parts but don’t know the right mechanism? Maybe you need to print something on the side of a building? Or maybe you want to make a living painting but afraid it will die. If you have a project or artwork that you need help with schedule a visit.

Alex Dodge is a co-founder of Brooklyn Research and a visual artist. He oversees physical and material prototyping at Brooklyn Research's commercial operations. His artwork is included in a number of public collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The New York Public Library. Dodge is an adjunct faculty member at The Rhode Island School of Design.

VR Salad Bar

Come and join us for the VR tour.

This will be a survey of VR experiences including the HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear VR and 360 footage and their capabilities for the VR-curious. Each session consists of a 10 min primer introducing various VR experiences followed by 40 minutes session of guided exploration.

Each session is 50 mins long.

Microcontrollers and Conductive Paint

Learning the basics of electronics is easier than you may think. Come join us for 2.5-hour workshop where you will learn how to build basic circuits, code simple programs, and experiment with conductive paint.

This workshop is taught by Darya Dubouskaya, a creative technologist, and manager of the Learning Center at the Brooklyn Research, and Dimple Mirpuri, an artist, and a media technologist freelancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes taught?

Classes are taught at Brooklyn Research facilities on the 6th Floor of the old Pfizer Building, right in the heart of Brooklyn. The address is 630 Flushing Avenue but the main entrance is at 28 Tompkins Avenue. The building is easily accessible from the G train (Flushing Ave station) and from the J/M trains (Flushing Ave station).

Do I need to bring anything?

For most classes, laptops will suffice. Each class has its own set of prerequisites listed in the course description, with instructions on how get setup prior to the the start of the workshop. There will be a half hour period before the start of each workshop that is highly recommended for anyone unsure if they are set up properly.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We unfortunately do not offer financial assistance or scholarships at this time. We are a small organization with limited resources at the moment and are actively looking for ways to create sponsorships both internally and with outside sponsors. As an organization, we want to encourage diversity within our workshops and in general, so please bear with us as we search for a way to make this work and check back with us on our site or our newsletter for when we are able to offer financial assistance for workshop attendees!

Do you have a listing of past events?

Yes! You can find them here on our Eventbrite page!

Can I lead a workshop or talk?

If you would like to teach or have a subject which you would like to present, we would love to hear from you! Fill out our form to tell us a little more about yourself and what you are thinking for your workshop or talk.