Upcoming Classes

Classes at Brooklyn Research focus on the creative and playful use of technology, and offer access to knowledge that might be characterized as uncommon, esoteric, or specialized. Whether you are a creative technologist, artist, designer, or engineer, these classes will extend your current workflow with powerful new tools and techniques.

Live Coding Music with TidalCycles

October 16, 5:30PM-9PM Donation

A no-code-or-music-experience-required introduction to live coding - making music with code - using the open source TidalCycles language. Participants will learn how to install the required software, make rhythmic and melodic patterns in a text editor, select and manipulate sounds, and apply algorithmic transforms to create complex and surprising sonic sculptures.

Jack Armitage is a PhD Student in the Augmented Instruments Lab, in the Centre for Digital Music at the Queen Mary University of London. Jack live codes under the alias Lil Data on the London-based PC Music label and has performed at SXSW, on Hollywood Blvd, around London, and at the Berghain in Berlin. His research is focused on designing embodied crafting tools for digital musical instrument makers.

VR Salad Bar

October 24, 6PM-9PM Donation

Come and join us for the VR tour.

This will be a survey of VR experiences including the HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear VR and 360 footage and their capabilities for the VR-curious. Each session consists of a 10 min primer introducing various VR experiences followed by 40 minutes session of guided exploration.

Intro to Micro-controllers and Conductive Painting

November 1, 6PM-8:30PM $30-$40

Learning the basics of electronics is easier than you may think. Come join us on a 3-hour workshop where you will learn how to build basic circuits, code simple programs, and experiment with conductive paint.

Students will be provided with Basic Electronic Kit for the class with an option to buy it.

This workshop is taught by Darya Dubouskaya, a creative technologist, and manager of the Learning Center at the Brooklyn Research, and Dimple Mirpuri, an artist, and a media technologist freelancer.

Intro to 3D Scanning

November 8, 6PM-9PM $30

Interested in exploring 3D scanning, but not sure where to start? This workshop will provide an overview and demonstration of various approaches, from DIY Kinect to structured light and handheld laser scanners. Participants will have the opportunity to have their faces scanned, and learn to clean up and sculpt the file to prepare it for 3D printing, using free and/or open source software.

This workshop is taught by Sophie Kahn and Lauren Slowik from Lady Tech Guild

Introduction to Lo-Fi Interactive Art and Games with PICO-8

November 14, 6PM-9PM $25

Learn how to use PICO-8 'fantasy console' to create their own interactive sketches and games and get them running on the web. Although no prior experience is necessary.

This workshop is taught by Nick Santaniello.

Machines Learning Movement

November 15, 6PM-9:30PM $60

What do machine learning, visual art, and motion capture have in common?

Come find out at this workshop! We will first write some code to record skeleton movement with a Kinect or Perceptron Neuron suit. Then we will record multiple people doing the same gestures. We will then use a python machine learning library to "learn" these gestures, and finally write simple sketches that are triggered by the gestures we taught to the machine.

This class is taught by Kat Sullivan, a Brooklyn based artist interested in the intersection between movement and technology. Working with a variety of mediums, she looks for ways movement and technology can form relationships rather than simply share a space.

Building Microcontroller Synths

November 18, 10AM-5PM $75

Learn embedded programming and simple electronics to build out an 8-bit synthesizer. Students will learn about techniques to maximize the ability of an Arduino to create a digital synthesis. No previous experience in programming or electronics is necessary for this class, but some familiarity will help with concepts.

This class is taught by Ezer Longinus, a tinkerer and layabout that occasionally dabbles in music. He holds degrees in technology and music from Bard College and New York University. He lives in New York City with one fancy lady and two/three cats and makes electronic projects for a living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes taught?

Classes are taught at Brooklyn Research facilities on the 6th Floor of the old Pfizer Building, right in the heart of Brooklyn. The address is 630 Flushing Avenue but the main entrance is at 28 Tompkins Avenue. The building is easily accessible from the G train (Flushing Ave station) and from the J/M trains (Flushing Ave station).

Do I need to bring anything?

For most classes, laptops will suffice. Each class has its own set of prerequisites listed in the course description, with instructions on how get setup prior to the the start of the workshop. There will be a half hour period before the start of each workshop that is highly recommended for anyone unsure if they are set up properly.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We unfortunately do not offer financial assistance or scholarships at this time. We are a small organization with limited resources at the moment and are actively looking for ways to create sponsorships both internally and with outside sponsors. As an organization, we want to encourage diversity within our workshops and in general, so please bear with us as we search for a way to make this work and check back with us on our site or our newsletter for when we are able to offer financial assistance for workshop attendees!