August 22nd, 7pm

Brooklyn Research’s 2018 Summer Research Session is a 12-week intensive exploration of New Forms of Interaction. Join us for this year’s public presentation and showcase of new ideas and innovation carried out at Brooklyn Research.

This summer’s research group includes using screen-based game control as a basis for exploring new methods of physical interfaces this year’s group has sought to build a functional bridge using familiar household appliances and tools as novel forms of game control and achieving functional interfaces that perform real physical tasks simultaneously. Examples include the passive sensing of kitchen appliances such as juicers that behave as game controllers for on-screen play while still making actual juice that the user can consume. While playful, the teams’ findings show the viability of highly accurate/low latency passive sensing of existing household appliances. Such work has applications in a range of “smart home” and IoT use cases.

This year’s research group will present their work, methods, and future applications along with a variety of fresh-squeezed juices.

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