Interested in teaching a class or giving a talk/presentation at Brooklyn Research? Super! We’re excited and would love to make that happen, so here are a few points and guidelines to explain you how things work.

Keep in mind that this is a new project. These guidelines are valid as of December 2017, but will likely evolve in the next few months as we learn more about how events should run.


We are open to any proposition, but your event should be more or less related to some kind of technology–an experimental one if possible!



Classes, talks, panels or presentations  are taking place at the Brooklyn Research facilities. Two rooms are available, each with a projector, a whiteboard, and seating for approximately 15-20 people. If you need special arrangements for your event, it may be possible to accommodate you. We do not not provide computers/monitors or special software.


Duration / Time

As of December 2017, the events (workshops, talks or project demos) we have hosted and will host in the future have the following formats:

  • Full weekend workshop (2 x 6-7 hour)
  • Partial weekend (2 x 3-4 hours)
  • One day weekend workshop (6-7 hours)
  • Weeknight workshop (2-4 hours, starting at 6-7pm)

For full one or two day event, we recommend a one hour lunch break, and optionally to start 30 minutes early on the first day so guests can make sure they have the right software installed on their machine if needed for the workshop. Moreover, we are open to suggestions, and if you feel your event needs a different arrangement, please let us know and we will see if it can be accommodated.



We have two potential spaces for event:

  1. Room open for different configurations. Includes a projector, a screen and a white board. Depending on your request and the type of event tables and chairs can be places in different style. Due to space restrictions, we can only accommodate maximum of 15-18 guests seating at the tables or up to 22-25 people seating on a free standing chairs.
  2. Second room is smaller. It is a closed space with fixed setup: a  long table and maximum of 10 people. This space also includes a whiteboard, projector with a screen and also a TV.


Profit sharing

We have a 50/50 profit sharing policy with our instructors. You will get half of what is left after advertising and other third party expenses (transaction fees) have been taken into account. After the event you will receive a detailed explanation of the total payout and request to send an invoice (template) on this amount to us. After we get the invoice money can be received at the BKR location the same day we receive payout from the ticketing websites. Usually it takes about 4-7 days after the event is complete. Also we can mail the check to you or transfer money through the Chase QuickPay or Venmo.

We are open for discussion of free and fundraising events.

Please make sure your status allows to receive a payments within U.S.!



We give you freedom in pricing your course, though we ideally are looking to keep events affordable for artists and other low income professionals. Our two-day workshops have been priced at $250 – $350 so far, let us know if you think there is a more appropriate price. If there is a minimum revenue below which it is not worthwhile for you to run the event, please let us know at the same time you submit your event idea.

We have devised a tier system to promote early ticket sales:

  • 1st Tier: 20% off, 1st week of sales only
  • 2nd Tier: 10% off, up to 2 weeks before sales end
  • Final Tier: full price

You are not required to use this discount model, especially if your event is in high demand, though it is a good way to reduce uncertainty about getting enough guests.

We also recommend using a student discount of 15%.


Ticketing and Payment

All ticketing is done through Eventbrite. Upon payment by Eventbrite, Brooklyn Research will request an invoice from you that is half the net profit and then issue a check for that amount.



Promotion efforts are shared between Brooklyn Research and the instructor/presenter. On our side, we:

  • List the event on our website
  • Create an event on Eventbrite and handle payments/cancellations
  • Write posts and updates about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant platforms
  • Budget up to $100 in social media ads and about $200 Google Adwords for each event
  • Respond to guests inquiries, though you will always be Cc-ed so you can reply yourself if you prefer (you must “reply all” so we know that the inquiry was handled)
  • Promote all Brooklyn Research events at other meetups, workshops and etc.

Since you get a large share of the revenue, we expect you to reach out to your network as well and put significant effort into promoting your event. Please be sure to send us media related to your event (images and videos of work done with the technique you are teaching, promo videos or other media content promoting you and your event) so that we can use it to promote your event on our side.

Please include Brooklyn Research logo or link on your promotion the class presentation.



Cancellation of the event is highly not recommended. Please make sure you are ready for teaching the workshop or giving a talk/presentation before we post it online. Check your status to be sure you can receive a payment within US and make sure you are available on this date.

Event cannot be cancelled two weeks or less before the event if some tickets were already sold. In case of an emergency the event will be rescheduled to the closest appropriate date.



Each event will have an assistant. This will be a Brooklyn Research member, who will be here to facilitate the setup of the space (getting coffee, greeting students), will assist in case of technical difficulties (WIFI, projector) and may help guests out during the event if the assistant has the necessary skills. We choose the assistant because he must be a Brooklyn Research member, though you can and should discuss with him/her the specifics of what he/she should do. In exchange for helping, the assistant gets to attend the event for free.


Requirements and Setup

If your event requires students/guest of some special preparation or equipment,  we will need to prepare a ‘Requirement and Setup’ document. Students / guests should set up their computers before the event, so please make sure to write a clear and easy to understand instructions (screen tutorial preferably or step by step images with description). Please include your email in the document and be aware of students questions for the setup. Requirement document will be sent out two days before the event.


Wanna go ahead and teach a class, give a talk or make a presentation?

This is how it works:

  1. Complete and submit this form:

Send us pictures and other media assets relevant to the promotion of your class at!

  1. We then work together to select a date and promote the event. Check out our calendar here: Once a date is selected, you must commit to teach the class or give the presentation / talk.
  2. Your class/event will be posted online on the ticketing websites (Eventbrite / Evensi), on our website, on our social media(facebook, twitter, instagram).
  3. Prepare a Requirement and Setup instructions document from our link (will be sent out to you after the event will be posted). Requirement document will be sent out two days before the event.
  4. Once the event is over, you get half of the profit.
  5. If the event was a success, run it again!


If you have a class / event to propose or have any questions, please email us at




The Team @ Brooklyn Research