Art and design as a discipline are unique in that there is poetic license to make a reference or draw from all of the other disciplines. Design and the arts inhabits the space between the disciplines. There is no limit to how deep we can go with interest inspirations and tools. Research inquiry from this perspective is an exciting opportunity to work with the unbound information setting up shop in an interdisciplinary model and applying rigor to new insights.
Pay attention to your distractions, they are telling you something!

Research Interests :
Chance, cultivation, play, daydream, ways of living, drawing, mind body, psyche, modes of connectedness, trends and cultural paSkills / research interests
Self centered devices
Cultural archetypes especially style and visual culture
Design for digital fabrication.
Novel applications of innovations
Designing idiosyncratic research
Modes of learning and knowledge transmission
Design development, idiosyncratic tools, community , art for social change, fashion , visual culture, bio feedback, design for learning, ethnography, social practice.