Genevieve Hoffman is an artist and designer working at the intersections of research, data, science, sustainability and design. Technology is an underpinning of all of her work, as both a medium and subject of inquiry. She is especially concerned with the planned obsolescence built into the disposable culture of our digital era, as well as the relationship between technology and the natural resources that make it possible. Recently, she has been exploring non-monetary currencies, the forces and interrelated systems of the global economy, and the infrastructure that makes it all run. She has spoken about and presented her work at various institutions, including the Rhode Island School of Design (RI), University of Georgia (GA), SUNY Stonybrook (NY), New York Hall of Science(NY), School of Visual Arts (NY), New York University (NY), and the University of Buffalo (NY). She recently completed a research residency at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where she received a Master’s degree in Research Arts.