Series, collections, accumulation… no matter the subject matter at hand, I always explore and create through these techniques. They allow me to surface the extraordinary slumbering within the mundane, and to follow Georges Perec’s appeal “to question that which seems to have ceased forever to astonish us”. Through this process, what seemed utterly concrete and boring becomes mystifying, while the enigmatic gains tangible qualities.

Systems pervade human history and our struggle to make sense of the world. They enable us to reconcile our perceptible realm with what lies beyond it. Placing collections at the core of my art practice, I not only use the digital tools that we currently use to help us in this systematic endeavor, but also investigate the impulse they emanate from.

My initial formal approach, animation, is an incremental archive, a process of iteration wherein each frame is an integral part of the whole. My choice of medium changes according to projects ­ from prints to interactive installations and screen­ based pieces ­ but the sequential aspect of animation and the cumulative nature of digital data are always at play.